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Welcome to the Netherlands.

So you decided to come and work in the Netherlands. Communication and presenting yourself may be quite different from what you are used to in your home country. You may be struggling to find your own effective style in the new workplace and be frustrated about the feedback you get. Or you may feel a bit of an outsider, trying (too) hard to belong to your team and prove that you are a valuable asset for the organization your work for.


Trying too hard, may cause negative stress.  This is not necessarily a problem if you know how to deal with this stress, but when your coping fails, negative stress that goes on for too long, may cause serious harm.

I work a lot with expats from all over the world, helping them to increase their personal effectiveness. 



 Getting stuck in negative thinking patterns is a problem for many people. As an expat, you may think that you will have to proof yourself even more than the Dutch and  that if you do a project or presentation, it must be perfect, otherwise your career can go badly wrong.


In order to break these stressful patterns, we can kindly dispute these negative, hindering thoughts and replace them with more helpful, friendly  thoughts.


As a coach, I am happy to help you expand your thinking power and reduce the stress that comes with fear of failure.


It is important to make a good impression. On important customers and stakeholders, but also on your team members and management.​  

Many people dread situations in which they have to give a talk to customers or colleagues, pitch an idea or proposal or profile themselves for another position within the company. They struggle with the key message and the distinction between 'nice to know' and 'need to know'.


As a  coach, I like to help you structure your personal presentations more effectively.

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